Women in Leadership

Women in leadership, fair pay and equitable parental leave policies have now become widely recognized as corporate imperatives to attract female talent, if unevenly applied across companies and industries.


However, the conversation has now moved to “And what are companies doing to retain talent?” To create truly equitable workplaces, companies need to go beyond the numbers salary, policy, representation, sexual harassment training and move into human decency and fair treatment between employees. Unconscious bias, micro-aggressions, gaslighting, nepotism and radical transparency are topics leaders now need to get very familiar with and act on.

Women’s Month is a time to celebrate the many achievements and contributions women have made in building our society. It is also an opportunity to talk about how we can create a world that is fairer and more inclusive.

Inclusive leaders embrace the notion that every person counts. If that sounds straightforward, it really isn’t. In bringing this mindset to life, leaders wind up embracing several unconventional management practices.

Hire for talent, not a Resume. 

We at OS Holdings we have adopted four practices that management follow to truly become inclusive leaders and not coincidentally build innovative, high-performance, high-growth businesses and highly motivated team. Hire for talent, not a Resume.  As HOD Professional Services we’ve created our own formula, seeking out underlying qualities such as exceptional intelligence, creativity, and flexibility, and recognizing that the best candidates the truly exceptional ones might well be unorthodox hires.

Unleash everyone’s creativity.

We invite team members at all levels to contribute/apply their own original thinking. Define the core vision of the team or organization, and regard everything else as potentially open for innovation.Use opportunity as your primary development tool. Our core belief is that the people we hire can and should do anything, and further to that our team members should continue to develop rapidly and in new directions throughout their careers.

Foster competition and collaboration.  By being both intensive and nurturing, this kind of culture has helped us sustain an insider mentality on the team.  Such competition paired with collaboration also generates a cohort effect when it comes to talent: The more you help people become better, the more they help one another get better. Happy Women’s Month!

Warm Regards,

Natasha Kaunde

HOD Professional Services