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Tropics Business Summit – How Can African Countries Change The Narrative With Woman Leadership

Income earned by women is more likely to be used productively—for children’s food, clothing, and education. But due to customary and legal restrictions, women in Africa have less access to productive assets, including land, and to such..

Women in leadership

Women in leadership, fair pay and equitable parental leave policies have now become widely recognized as corporate imperatives to attract female talent, if unevenly applied across companies and industries. However…

Women In Stem: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. As an entrepreneur you can easily experience this in one day.The New Normxl features this dynamic woman..

#ECAfrica100 in conversation

Day 4 of #ECAfrica100 sees a conversation with female Entrepreneur who is making waves in the ICT space, Nomsa Nteleko one of the Directors at OS Holdings as well as a co-founder of #ShePowersSA..

Sage BP volunteering- OS Holdings

Sage BP volunteering- OS Holdings

She Powers SA

st Annual Women’s Leadership Conference (Max Moyo)


The inaugural ‘She Powers SA’- Women’s Leadership Conference is set to focus on driving an ecosystem to empower and promote women participation in all business sectors…


Meals on Wheels and their supporters will aim to prepare 10,000 hot and nourishing meals for less fortunate South Africans during their annual cook-off a..


Nomsa Nteleko, co-founder and managing director of OS Holdings, is a ground-breaking woman, who is not only recognised in South Africa but…


Nomsa Nteleko, co-founder and MD of OS Holdings talks to Classic Business Breakfast with Moneyweb about her entrepreneurial journey, and how…


We have also developed our own performance and budget management system for local government to assist in measuring and monitoring service…