Who Are We?

Welcome to OS Holdings

OS Holdings is an award-winning process-driven software solution business with a footprint in South Africa. We assist medium to large organisations in automating their business processes, and we provide the systems to deliver on these processes, to ensure greater efficiency throughout the organisation.

Our systems mix consists primarily of ERP, business process management, contract management, CRM and real-time financial reporting systems.

We have a strong track record of working closely with local government and government agencies, as well as the private sector. We’re a team of licensed professionals made up of accountants, business analysts, project managers and developers. Because we’re accountants, we understand our client’s financial objectives and deploy accountants to implement and provide training on relevant systems.

We follow an Agile approach to managing projects, innovating along the journey and encourage customer collaboration throughout the process.

We’ve got some tinsel on the Mantlepiece

These are some of the awards we’ve been recognized for:


2nd Place Partner of the Year : SAGE


RT25 Panel of Advisors for National Treasury


Top Referral Partner for SAGE VIP: Service Excellence


1ST Place – Best Intelligence: SAGE


The Most Growth Nationally: SAGE

Giving back

We pride ourselves on being a socially conscious business and have developed several social conscious projects and subsidiaries to empower people within our communities.

OS Cares

Our OS Cares initiative works with public service clients to identify impoverished schools within specific municipalities. We donate required resources (usually uniforms) to the earmarked schools, giving back to the community within the municipality that we’re working with.

The OS Business Amplifier

The OS Business Amplifier connects small to medium enterprises to mainstream resources, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth. Given the sometimes-harsh economic climate in which businesses operate, we create conducive eco-systems for businesses to thrive.